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Our Commitment = Prompt Quote + Excellent Quality + On time Delivery

As a professional machining supplier for more than ten years, we fully understand the concern that no customer need a defective components, and nothing is worse than defects showing up at the end user. To each customer,one defect may cost thousands of dollars to fix, so as a reliable machining partner, it is our duty to make every effort to avoid making mistakes.We have checked each process over and over again to find effective solutions for delivering high quality machined parts.Thus, the waste incurred and production errors can be minimized, which means we can provide you with top-quality products at competitive prices.

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It is our philosophy that the economic production of parts and assemblies must be based on defect prevention rather than defect detection.So, from customer service,to each phase of machining process ,to  QC checking,our focus is to make sure we have well communicated what is needed from the customer. Great care is taken by each operator to make sure that the part is machined to specifications or blueprint.

Our machine operators continually monitor our products throughout manufacturing to make sure that the parts we machined is adhere to blueprint specifications.Continual measurement is needed for each machining process. Necessary adjustments will be made when any deviation of dimension is found.

Moreover, we hold Quality Assurance meetings on a regular basis with our Q.A. personnel, production employees, and management to get continuous improvements on our quality control.Every order must pass a rigid inspection process before it ships to the customer. An inspection report is made and can be provided upon request.

By continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, we strive for excellence in everything we do to meet the following goals.

>>High quality products and services to our customers

>>On-time and in-full delivery

>>Rapid and efficient response to requests from customer

>>Continual improvement to all aspects of our QMS

Providing quality products at reasonable prices is the ideal our company was founded on.We are committed to servicing our customers with prompt quotes, excellent quality , and on time delivery. We will be happy to serve you with any of your CNC machining needs.

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